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Posted on: December 1, 2006



Chermin is a horror/suspense thriller about a woman who is haunted by a vengeful spirit trapped in an antique mirror.
The plot centers on Nasrin, whose face has been disfigured from a ‘mysterious’ car accident. When her mother discovers an antique mirror hidden amongst old family heirlooms, Nasrin finds herself strangely drawn to it.
Nasrin’s fascination with the mirror turns into obsession and she starts taking on the persona of the mirror spirit, Mastura. On her quest to regain her past beauty, Nasrin submits herself to the mirror spirit by satisfying the mirror’s need for blood and revenge.
Will she be able to sacrifice love for vanity? Is she able to look inside herself and see the beauty within?
Or is what is reflected in her heart a shadow of the mirror?
Chermin is a first feature film of writer/director Zarina Abdullah. The film is financed by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage fund.

pelakon –

deanna yusof (cam x besh jerq dia ney)
natasha hudsons (erk..reti ke berlakon..??)
farid kamil (no komen)

seram gak tgk trailer film nih…ceta psl cermin cam pernah ader jer film ttg cermin nih…


8 Responses to "Chermin"

aku tggu komen org dulu nnt baru aku view yer. tkt tergolek jatuh krusi kang kalo aku tgk skang nih. eheh.

wakaka..takut ker..??
zaman skrg mn ade hantu pun…

yo! yo! naper ader komen dr blue_april dan ader komen dari soulfly83?

eeeekkk!! aku takutttttt.. taknak tengok citer niii.. seram errr

aku pun tak caye antu akan muncul dpn mata aku blue. but the prob is aku jenis tak thn dgn kejutan. otot jantung aku tak kuat sgt kot. wakaka. ceta antu kan slalu byk adegan terkejut. tak thn beb! eheh.

chika —
akak gune dua nik laa..sumtimes malas nak login..ehehe..

ZeMMs —
ahaks..yer la..x seram pun..:))

firina —
x caye xper klu ader depan mate caya x..ahaha..

I can assure you that this film is nothing new…. mirrors, spirits, ghosts.. etc.. can we come out with something more local other than a copycat of what thailand, korea or japan are “masters” at? you just can’t beat the masters, can you?

hurm..dun criticized the film if you don’t watch it yet..

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