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Posted on: March 25, 2007

Inul Daratista (born Ainur Rokhimah, 3 January 1979) is a dangdut singer and performance artist from Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia. She became nationally famous in 2003, and is known for her suggestive style of dancing that has caused major controversy in Indonesia. Inul is a corrupted version of Ainur, and the singer’s childhood pet name. As she began her musical career singing in a rock band, she adopted the stage name Daratista..taken from:

Goyang Inul

Goyang Gosip 


3 Responses to "INUL DRASISTA – GOYANG YUH!!"

Her goyang seems very awkward imho. it doesn’t look natural and seems to be overly-forced.. i personally never get turned on with her dance

4 me..she is very talented..her dance is unique but not not many people can dance like her, isn’t it?..:)

Inul’s early years showed a refreshing, playlike quality that is fun to watch. She is not an erotic dancer and should not be mistaken for one.

Her transformation into a star has sometimes made for some awkward performances. The choreography being taught to her now is not as natural and spontaneous as the moves she taught herself and used in her early performances. I hope her promoters and her success won’t ruin her simple, joyful charm.

It is delightful to watch her early performances — she seems happy and it is always a joy to watch and listen to her.

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